Volume 1 – Enemy of the People


PM Manley privatizes the countries major export industries, a move that aligns him squarely with Cuba and prompts our intelligence analysts to train their eyes on Jamaica’s capitol city.

You’ll be our eyes and ears on the ground there,

assigned as an attaché to our consulate.

To facilitate a change at the highest level, we have selected someone who has experience with their music and entertainment industry.

Our analysts have uncovered a key link to swaying the popular vote.

“Unu hear off King Tubbs hi-fi?!? Mon, me ah tellya disya one dub plate make dem dash way de criti-schism.”

Raddigan Stanley

Use of extreme coercion, and/or subterfuge that may be appropriate for this culture/region per internal guidelines.”

Marley’s support of Manley ensured the latter’s victory in the upcoming election.

An exceptionally charismatic performer, he was part of the strange sect known as (the) Rastafari.

“Heaven declare the glory of JAH, and the firmament showeth his handiwork!”

Regain ownership of the airwaves and disseminate propaganda as planned.”

“We have you on paper as a record producer and recording engineer, and provide your contact with the relevant RJR personnel. Remain armed at all times, maintain your cover at all costs. Democracy is counting on you son.